Friday, 24 February 2012

12 Weeks

It's the 21st December and I'm feeling rather odd.  I'm excited and anxious at the same time.  What if it's all in my head?  Surly it's too early to feel all these odd sensations I'm having?  I manage to hold out until the 23rd before giving in to the test burning a whole in my bedroom drawer.

It's very faint but it's definitely there.
And so the journey begins.

Off we go to the In-laws in Wales for Christmas and on Christmas morning we tell Dave's Mum we're expecting number two.  Boxing day we're at my Mum's and I manage to secretly tell her without letting on to any of the other guests.

A few days later we decide to do a digital test just to see it written.
What an exciting day. I'm now officially 4 weeks pregnant!!

The next 8 weeks are going to be difficult. To not tell people until after we've had a scan is very hard when you spend your days with Mummies of young children who know exactly what to look out for. My sickness sea bands are having to stay at home.

On week 7 now and Theo is being so good on the days I'm feeling very poorly.  Had the worst day so far on Saturday.  Dave went to work and I woke with a migraine and bad nausea.  It got so bad Theo and I spent the day in the dark.  I was determined to get through the day without phoning for Dave to come home and just about managed it.

Week 8 - booking in appointment.  I see a really lovely midwife, have all the normal blood tests and chats.  She then had a feel of my tummy and says she thinks I could be a bit further along than my dates suggest, or are there twins in the family?  Oh crumbs!

It's getting harder and harder to conceal things now as, like I did with Theo, I have completely ballooned out in every direction going.  Got to love water retention.

Week 9 and we all have colds.  Thought mine was just 24 hours then it seemed to go but it came back worse than ever.  Glad my little man is so good at occupying himself to let me get some rest.  On a plus it's saving us some pennies as I'm not feeling up to going out as much so not doing as much shopping or using as much petrol.  Every cloud!

The scan next Sunday can't come quick enough.  The water retention around my middle is making me look colossal.  I'm sure everyone has worked it out because I've gotten so big but are being polite and not saying anything.  1 WEEK TO GO!

Week 11 and instead of nausea I get hit with proper morning sickness.  Just when you think you've been lucky.  Felt instantly better though and cracked on with my day.  2 days until the scan.

1 day to scan and we're off on holiday with Dave's side of the family.  Struck down with morning sickness first thing makes us a bit late but we get there and try to pretend there's nothing going on.

We've told everyone we need to go back to Bath to help with some scenery moving when we're actually off for a scan! We manage to get to the morning of scan day before we're 'found out' by Dave's Sister.  It's obvious apparently! hahaha  Anyway, off we go for our exciting day out.

Here is Baby White No.2 at exactly 12 weeks due on 2nd September 2012:

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Free Fun

The leaves are changing colour and falling and so our little ones are having to stay inside more...WRONG!  On went the wellies and off Theo, Granny and myself went to find "muddy puddles".

 First things first, the ducks need their lunch.

Pitty Granny forgot her wellies, especially for the really muddy puddles.
 Time for some lunch under the trees.
And a short walk to the water
Just stunning.
Poor Theo was upset when we left Shearwater.  Or should I say poor Theo was upset when we left the muddy puddles.  We returned to the car to pour all the water our of Theo's wellies and get dry.  Such a wonderful few hours, Theo couldn't wait to tell Daddy all about it and is still talking about puddles now.  

Free fun is the best fun.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Midnight Thoughts

Well what a random night.  We're off camping tomorrow morning and our bed is filled with camping gear so we decided to 'camp out' in the lounge.  Only I can't sleep!  I've tossed and turned and sleep is just not happening.  So what have a done instead?  Well, I've been watching our little angel sleep.  Listening to his quiet breathing as he sleeps with Bear clutched so tightly under his arm, on his front with his bum in the air.  I wonder what he's dreaming about.  

The past few months have been quite tough on us as a family.  Dave has been working hard to complete his dissertation and we celebrated his 2:1 pass on our 3rd anniversary.  Such a proud day - he's the most wonderful man and I'm blessed to be able to call him my husband.  
My Dad had a very serious heart attack and is very lucky to still be with us.  Although a frightening time I'm happy that what happened has brought us back together as a family.  Everything happens for a reason.
Mum bought herself the most wonderful new home and she is the happiest I've seen her in years.  Completely God given and for that I am thankful.
Finally, and I know a lot of you don't know this, but we sadly had a miscarriage a few months ago.  It was pretty much over before we knew it had begun and although upsetting at the time we realise that baby wasn't meant for us and one day the right one will come along.

The next few months have lots of excitement in store with camping and holidays in Scotland and Wales.  The announcement of a best friends engagement and another best friend is to be blessed with a baby girl in November - so much to smile about.  

So, it's now almost 1am and with a smile on my face I'm logging off and going to sleep (hopefully!).
Night night xx

Friday, 8 July 2011

18 Months

I just can't believe that my little boy is now 18 months old!  How time flies when you're having fun.  It's hard to explain how much joy and love Theo has brought to not just me and Dave but other family and friends too.

These days you'll mostly find our home untidy and un-hoovered with books and bricks over the floor.  Why would I want to be doing house work when I can be spending the time watching and encouraging my little man to learn and grow.

Theo is quite often mistaken for a two year old when we're out and about as he's so tall and quite good with his speech.  His vocabulary is extending day by day and he's now starting to string words together.  Quite often we find him trotting over with a book clutched in his hands and his cheeky little face almost bursting as he says "Book!  Read it?" or "More please" during snack and meal times.  Reading is Theo's favourite activity and he knows the letters and numbers "O", "Y", "S", "1" and "2".  Hopefully a book worm in the making.  This week we have learnt the meaning of 'Hot, Cold and Windy'.
Our little boy can be heard saying "Please" and "Thank you" at the appropriate times along with "Pardon" when he or anyone trumps! Unfortunately though it seems we've hit the terrible twos a little early and we do get the odd small tantrum.

We're still going to a Toddler Group which we all enjoy.  Theo loves all the different activities and I love watching him play along side others his age.  Nearly every week he comes home with a new piece of art work to be stuck in his book or on a kitchen cupboard.

Camping with a toddler was great fun.  A bit more challenging than when he was a baby but it was amazing to see him having such fun in the open air.  Sleeping wasn't a problem either which was great for Mummy and daddy!

I'm sure the next 18 months will be just as amazing and enjoyable as the last - just hope it doesn't go as quick!

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

14 in 10

I love this time of year, all fresh and new and Summer is just around the corner.  Time to crack on with my weight loss journey.  So far I have lost a grand total of 24.5lbs which I'm so happy about.  I would love to lose 46lbs over all, but with my Summer Holiday in just 10 weeks I'm setting a realistic target of another 14lbs.  So 14lbs in 10 weeks.  If I do it I might even treat myself to a new swim suit.

This was me at the start of my journey.  It's not a great pic as tended to shy away from cameras (please excuse the cheesy husband)

This is me this morning

So that's me.  10 weeks of healthy eating and exercise with blogging along the way to keep me on the right path.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Too Long

I can't believe how long I've left it since I last wrote.  I promised a friend I would keep my blog up so I'm really going to try.


Monday, 27 September 2010


In the past few days I've realised how much little brains are like sponges.  Eight months ago my son couldn't hold his head up and here he is clapping  - cue proud mummy.  The second day of 'clap clap clap' Theo now claps when you ask him to, not just when you clap - cue mummy almost in tears that her baby is growing up and can now recognise words!
So what's next? Waving? Crawling? 100m Sprint?